Why I started this blog

Obligatory first post

I have decided to share with a general audience my investment philosophy and investment ideas — to come together and share knowledge in a time when financial markets are very efficient and stocks are at all-time highs.

I envisage to have time to write three to four posts each month. I am planning on covering a wide range of topics, including analyses of specific investments, investment theory, book reviews, and economic analysis. I am hoping to provide some valuable insight for beginners and spread the word about value investing in general.

I understand there is a steep learning curve in the blogging (as well as the financial) world, so don’t go easy on me. It is my goal to make this blog the best I can. By all means, do subscribe and contribute by engaging in a discussion in the comment section.

You can find more information about me in the “About” page above.

Author: David

Main Author of the Graham Spectrum

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